Tips for Dorm Move-Out Day

It’s that time of year! Yes, it’s  college move-out time. I officially moved out of my dorm room yesterday, and through moving out for the first time, I learned quite a few valuable tips I’m going to share with you here!

Tips for Dorm Move-Out Day

1.Make a packing schedule. The week before your move-out date, start by making a list of the major categories your belongings fall under, such as clothes, toiletries, school supplies, accessories and so on, and decide for how long you’ll need each category or specific item in that category for. Then, decide which items you’ll pack up each day and cross off as you go. Organization is the key to not getting overwhelmed.

2. Clean your room. It’s hard to pack anything if everything is out of place. By having your room neat and tidy, packing becomes less stressful and the risk of forgetting something becomes much less.

3. Pack a box each day. Now that you have your packing schedule, use it! Try to pack a box or bag each day the week before move out. You’ll be surprised with how much stuff you actually have and how long it takes to pack it all away efficiently. Plus, gradually packing away your room helps you get used to the idea that you’re moving out!

4. Get rid of the things you won’t need anymore. Go through your closet and get rid of any old clothes you probably won’t wear again and sell or donate them. Get rid of old papers, empty makeup or bottles, and seasonal decorations. The less you have to pack, the better.

5. If the lease for your apartment or house for next year starts near your move-out date, store some of the things you don’t need for the summer, but do need for next year, there. Items like your printer, mini-fridge, or coffee machine are things that you probably have at home, so bringing them back home if you don’t need to is just extra work.

6. Try to sell or donate your books before move-out. Since you probably won’t need those textbooks again, see if you can sell them back to your campus bookstore or to another student, or simply just donate them to charity. A lot of schools have programs where you can easily drop off old books to be donated to the less fortunate. Do a good deed or make some money, and avoid carrying heavy, old books you most likely won’t need again!

7. Check every nook and cranny of your dorm once you’re all packed. Inspect your room just before leaving. Under the bed, in every drawer, or behind your desk are all places where things tend to get left behind. 

8. Say goodbye. The day before you move out, send all of your friends a mass text/ Snapchat, reminding them you’re moving out and invite them to come say goodbye. Take farewell pictures with all of your friends and the place you’ve called home for the past 8 months. Tag down anyone you didn’t have a chance to say goodbye to, and remind everyone to stay in touch throughout the summer.

9. Take it all in. You officially finished your first year of university. You’ve gone through the ups and downs of coping with a whole new, difficult, exciting environment, and are stronger for it. Give yourself the credit you deserve!

Happy move-out day everyone! Xoxo, Ana.

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