The Big Move 


Hey guys,

So it’s the day before my big collegiate move, and it’s safe to say that I’m kind of freaking out. Tomorrow holds a huge milestone in just about any adolesecnt’s life, moving out of their parent’s house into their  own dorm room for the very first time. I’ve been eagerly awaiting this day all summer, and now that it’s so near I realize that I really underestimated just how much work it takes to pick up and move your life. I decided that in this post I will discuss some of the most important things I’ve learned about preparing for college.

Pack in advance (or least pack most things). 

I really can’t stress to you enough the fact that packing everything you own the day before your move in is an absolutely terrible idea. Take it from personal experience that leaving packing to the last minute is just setting yourself up for a whole day of unnecessary stress and anxiety. Pack your big items, like bedding and dorm decor as early as possible (ideally  several weeks before move in day), then pack majority of your clothes the week of, and leave the little, quick items like toiletries and makeup until the last day. If I followed my own advice earlier, it certainly would have saved a lot of stress and pounding headaches.

Run any last minute errands.

Forgot to print out your pictures? Realized you forgot a couple crucial items? Being prepared  is key to create your most seamless move in day possible. So make an extensive packing list of all the things you forgot to buy, and make it your mission to get those things ASAP. When your move in day is a peice of cake, you’ll thank yourself for being so well prepared.

Connect with your roommate/ university friends. 

If you know who your roommate is, or have some friends going to the same university, the day before move in day is a great time to connect and discuss packing methods, arrival times, room decorating tips, and any events you’re interested in going to during the first week. Moving in at the same time may be the only thing you have in common with your roommate for the rest of the year, so it’s best to break the ice while you still have something to talk about.

Say your goodbyes.

 The last day before you leave is the perfect time to say goodbye to all the people you won’t see again for awhile. Even if you can’t say goodbye to them in person, a simple FaceTime, phone call, or text is enough to let all of your loved ones know that you’ll miss them these next few months. Once you arrive you’ll be so busy you won’t even have time to think of those you left behind, so take the opportunity now to say your goodbyes!

So now with only twelve measly hours separating me from my own move in day, I leave you with one final piece of advice, take a minute to look around at your surroundings, and take in life as you’ve known it for the last  eighteen years. Tomorrow marks one of the most significant milestones and achievements of your life! 

       Love you all, Ana. 

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