The Best Beauty Gurus on YouTube

As a media major I feel somewhat obligated to be a fan of all digital content, especially that of blogs (well, duh) and vlogs, but regardless I do truly love the concept of sharing useful advice and knowledge with others to inspire and learn. I truly believe we can all learn a little something from each other. Ever since my love for makeup blossomed I have been following some very talented ladies who taught me how to wing out my liner and put on fake eyelashes. Although favourite beauty gurus, are kind of like friends or boyfriends, they come and go in my life, here are some of the ones I cherish near and dear.



  1. Tess Christine: 1.8 million subscribers

Tess hands down is my favourite youtuber of the moment. She’s known for her celebspiration videos, where she takes a celebrity look and recreates some of their most stylish outfits, makeup looks, and hairstyles for much cheaper. Tess is a small-town girl who moved to the Big City, her NYC guides and vlogs are fun to watch and grow jealous over. Her most popular video is a no-heat, running late hair fix tutorial!



lauren2.  Lauren Curtis: 3.4 million subscribers

Lauren is an Australian makeup artist who specializes in gorgeous tutorials, ranging from simple, everyday makeup to stunning smokey eyes. She’s the beauty guru who inspired my own prom makeup look! With a quirky, sarcastic, and funny personality, she’s like your best friend who will never stop telling you just how it is. Her most popular video is a prom makeup tutorial, which I can personally say is amazing!




tanya-burr3. Tanya Burr: 3.4 million subscribers.

Tanya is an English makeup artist who’s known as part of probably the coolest group of British youtubers around. Her videos mainly consist of beautiful makeup tutorials, celebrity makeup recreations, and monthly favourite videos. Tanya is sweet, upbeat, and a cheery beauty guru, the kind of girl you’d want to go for a mani-pedi with. Her most popular video is a 3 minute makeup challenge with Zoella, the next guru on my list!




zoella4. Zoella: 10.4 million subscribers

Chances are if you’re familiar at all with youtube beauty gurus, you’ve heard of Zoe Sugg. Another member of the British youtuber squad, along with Tanya and her brother Joe, Zoella has over 10 million subscribers and counting. Her typical videos include hauls, favourites, and fun comedic videos with her friends! Zoe is energetic and funny, the kind of person you’d pay to hang out with all day. Her most popular video is a 7 second challenge with youtuber Miranda Sings, but her most watched beauty video is a how-to on quick and easy hairstyles.



sierra5. Sierra Furtado: 2 million subscribers

Sierra is probably the youngest guru on my list, and maybe the most relatable. Her videos tend to fall a little more on the lifestyle side, with guides, routines, outfit videos, and vlogs. She’s known for helping girls be a little more “tumblr”, which secretly we all know we kind of crave. Sierra’s the girl next door who you could totally picture going to the mall with. Her most popular video is on her hair care routine and tips on how to grow your hair long.




aspyn6. Aspyn Ovard: 2.5 million subscribers.

Known for being young and bubbly, Aspyn is a fun, relatable beauty guru. Focusing more on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle hacks, tricks, and guides mixed in with a few traditional makeup favourites of the month and fashion hauls, Aspyn is a go to when you need a little helpful advice. She’s also known for her vlogs with her adorable high school sweetheart turned  husband Parker. Talk about #relationshipgoals. Her most popular video is her and Parker’s engagement announcement!

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