6 Positive Tips to Conquer the New Year!

We are all aware of the fact that 2016 was a crazy year for the most part, it was just a year filled with iconic bullshit which we were unfortunately not able to control. But, we can make 2017 a better year with some tips for self improvement which everyone can definitely use. 

So to kick your ass into gear this New Year we’re giving you some useful suggestions to start and hopefully end 2017 the right way! All you have to do is bring determination and motivation!

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Workout Tops: My Cutest Picks

Who says breaking a sweat can’t be cute? Nothing makes a gruelling workout more bearable than looking totally stylish while doing it! Have a look at my top picks for adorable workout tops, and check out my butt and legs workout here for some fitness inspiration. Coming soon: cute workout bottoms, running shoes, and accessories; stay tuned!

  1. Victoria’s Secret Seamless Muscle Tank $39.50
  2. Nike Flow Graphic Women Training Tank $68
  3. Victoria’s Secret Double-cut Tank $29.50
  4. Adidas Women’s Original Tank Top $45
  5. Nike Elastika Graphic Women Training Tank $42
  6. The Player by Victoria’s Secret Logo Tank $26.50
  1. Lightweight by Victoria’s Secret Sport Bra $25
  2. Nike Pro Hero $95
  3. Victoria’s Secret Strappy Plunge Sports Bra $29.50
  4. Lulu Lemon Ready, Set, Sweat Bra $58
  5. The Player by Victoria’s Secret Sport Bra $32.50
  6. Nike Pro Classic $35

Have fun getting fit! Xoxo, Ana.