6 Positive Tips to Conquer the New Year!

We are all aware of the fact that 2016 was a crazy year for the most part, it was just a year filled with iconic bullshit which we were unfortunately not able to control. But, we can make 2017 a better year with some tips for self improvement which everyone can definitely use. 

So to kick your ass into gear this New Year we’re giving you some useful suggestions to start and hopefully end 2017 the right way! All you have to do is bring determination and motivation!

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Workout Tops: My Cutest Picks

Who says breaking a sweat can’t be cute? Nothing makes a gruelling workout more bearable than looking totally stylish while doing it! Have a look at my top picks for adorable workout tops, and check out my butt and legs workout here for some fitness inspiration. Coming soon: cute workout bottoms, running shoes, and accessories; stay tuned!

  1. Victoria’s Secret Seamless Muscle Tank $39.50
  2. Nike Flow Graphic Women Training Tank $68
  3. Victoria’s Secret Double-cut Tank $29.50
  4. Adidas Women’s Original Tank Top $45
  5. Nike Elastika Graphic Women Training Tank $42
  6. The Player by Victoria’s Secret Logo Tank $26.50
  1. Lightweight by Victoria’s Secret Sport Bra $25
  2. Nike Pro Hero $95
  3. Victoria’s Secret Strappy Plunge Sports Bra $29.50
  4. Lulu Lemon Ready, Set, Sweat Bra $58
  5. The Player by Victoria’s Secret Sport Bra $32.50
  6. Nike Pro Classic $35

Have fun getting fit! Xoxo, Ana.

My Workout: Butt and Legs

With summer on its way, I know that every girl is probably, maybe freaking out just a bit about getting into shape. With all those crop tops, short shorts, and bikinis to be worn, that soft layer around your middle and inner thighs that’s been growing since Thanksgiving is suddenly on display for everyone to see. Well fear no more! Here is a butt and legs workout I often do when I’m looking to tone up. Keep in mind that I’m not a personal trainer or health professional; these are just the moves that I find effective! Almost all moves can be done with or without weights, and should be done in 3 sets of 10 a couple times a week.
Regular Squat Workout Regular Squats

Start in standing position with your feet as wide as your shoulders and slightly turned out. Lower bum down into a seated position, keeping your knees hovering over your feet. Go as deep as you can to really feel the burn. Feel free to add dumbbells or a weight bar over your shoulders. 10 lbs is a good place to start. If this feels easy, try pulse squats, where you do not completely straighten your legs when raising, or a jumping squat. Works entire glute and legs.


Regular Lunges WorkoutRegular Lunges

Start in a standing position with legs about a foot apart. Bring right leg back and bend the left so that your front leg makes a 90 degree angle. Alternate between legs. Again like squats, feel free to add dumbbells, a weight bar, pulse lunge, or switch jump lunge. Works quads and glutes.

Leg Raises WorkoutLeg Raises

On a yoga mat, lie on your side, raising your top leg up and the other leg raised slightly above the ground. This move can be intensified by adding ankle weights. Do 30 reps on each leg for 3 sets. Works inner and outer thighs.

Sumo Squat WorkoutSumo Squats

Start in standing position with legs as far apart as you can. Lower bum down into a seated position, going once again as deep as you can. Feel free to add dumbbells or a weight bar over your shoulders, and to intensify this exercise by pulsing instead of completely straightening. Works quads, glutes, and hamstrings.

Curtsey Lunge WorkoutCurtsey Lunge

Start in standing position with legs shoulder width apart. Take your right leg and bring it behind you and to the left, while bending your left leg into a 90 degree angle. Alternate between legs. Feel free to add dumbbells, a weight bar, pulse curtsey lunge, or switch jump curtsey lunge. Works quads, glutes, and hamstrings.

Glute Bridge WorkoutGlute Bridge

On a yoga mat, lie down on your back with your legs pulled up and your feet flat on the ground. Raise bum up so that your body creates a bridge. Raise and drop down 10 times. On the 10th rep, remain elevated and hold this bridge pose for 10 seconds, then pulse in bridge pose for 10 reps. Do 3 sets of these 3 different variations. This one certainly burns, but that means it’s working! Works glutes and hamstrings.

Quad Leg Lift Workout

Leg Lifts

On a yoga mat, start on all fours. Raise your right leg straight up and then back down, alternating each leg for 10 reps. Then repeat this set, pulsing the leg instead of put it back down. The great thing about leg lifts is that they are super modifiable so that you can work every glute muscle! Keep your leg straight, bend it, kick it out the side, or circle it! It’s all up to you. Works glutes.


Side Lunge WorkoutSide Lunges

Start in a standing position with legs about a foot apart. Bring right leg up and out to the side. Alternate between legs. Feel free to add dumbbells or a weight bar. Works quads and glutes.

Deadlift WorkoutDead Lift 

This one requires weight, unless you do a one-legged dead lift, using your body as a weight. If you prefer the two-legged version, which I found works better, then stand with feet shoulder width apart holding onto a weight bar. Then slowly bring the weight bar down towards your feet until your legs and back form an “L” shape. Works hamstrings, glutes, and back.
Have a great workout!

Xoxo, Ana.