Summer Essentials: Protect Your Eyes in Style


Fun in the sun should without a doubt include a pair of trendy sunglasses. Not only to look stylish but more importantly to protect your eyes from the suns rays. Sunglasses are a summer staple for me, I don’t leave home without them! They not only serve their intended purpose but also add an element of chic to an outfit or conveniently cover up the effects of a little too much partying! There are so many cute trends this summer, like the sleek cat eye, ramped up aviators, mirrored  lenses and tortoiseshell print. The great thing is you can most likely find a style to fit your budget with all the great options out there. I like to change up the style of shades I wear depending on my outfit. For a more casual look I go for the aviator, to compliment a cute dress or romper I go with the cat eye, and for beach days I love the mirrored lens! Here are some of my favourite styles for all budgets!

Wildfox Kitten

WILDFOX Kitten Sunglasses $179.00

Wildfox Skipper

WILDFOX Skipper sunglasses $179.00

Le Specs

Le Specs The Prince Gold $89.00 USD

Le Spec Halfmoon Magic

Le Specs Halfmoon Magic Milky Tort $59.00 USD

Topshop Cactus Preppy

Topshop Cactus Preppy Cateye Sunglasses $30USD

Topshop Sofia Cateye

Topshop Sofia Cateye Sunglasses $40USD

H&M Sunglasses

H&M Black and White Sunglasses $12.99

H&M Clear Sunglasses

H&M Clear Sunglasses $12.99


Crap Eyewear The Wild Gift

Crap Eyewear The Wild Gift $58.00us

Crap Eyewear The Pop Control

Crap Eyewear The Pop Control $58us

Which style are you loving the most?

Have fun in the sun, Xoxo Anna

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