Prepping Your Prom Look 101

So a few days ago I shared with you my ultimate prom to do list, which covers everything you need to remember in order to make sure you don’t miss a thing for your special day. Now I thought I’d share with you my preparations of my prom look from head to toe. This one is all about helping you prepare your own gorgeous look for your big day! I will give you a rundown of my timeline of preparation and hope that it helps make your prom experience nearly perfect.

The Dress 

First and foremost on my list was finding a dress. I wanted floor length, pale pink, flowing and feminine! After visiting countless boutiques and not finding what I had in mind, I turned to online dress shops, which I highly recommend. There’s so much more selection and less of a chance that a fellow classmate will end up with the same dress! A simple search of prom dresses will turn up countless sites with gorgeous gowns! Just be sure Prom Prepto verify that the gowns they sell are the real deal! There are knockoff designer prom gowns, believe it or not. A warning sign is price. If the dress seems “cheap”, do some homework and check it out! You wouldn’t want to receive a gown that looks like a homemade version of what you’ve seen online.

A pretty safe way to go about this is after finding the gown of your dreams, go through a reputable dress shop normally listed in the “Where to Buy” section of the designer’s site. Contact them and they will let you know if they can order the particular style you’re interested in. Don’t despair girls; if you still haven’t found “the dress”, the dress shop may still be able to get it in time. Just call and confirm!

The Makeup 

Next, you have to worry about makeup and choosing the right colours to compliment your dress! I myself watched many prom tutorials online and got a lot of ideas and inspiration. I chose to do my makeup myself instead of paying a makeup artist just because I love makeup and was confident that I could do a good job. If you feel comfortable hiring someone though, go for it! The less stress the better. I had many friends that had their makeup professionally done. If you choose to DIY it, I suggest you make a list of the products you want (you may have to substitute some if certain products are not sold near you). With the plethora of beauty gurus out there, a lot of the “dupe” homework is done for you! I myself had to find a dupe for the eyeshadow, blush and lipstick I wanted  because I had seen the look I loved done by a beauty guru in Australia and the products she used were not sold here. But I went to work and found some great dupes and still achieved my desired look.

Then off I went shopping and bought a slew of new makeup, and yes, I did spend a lot, but the bonus was that I was left with all that new makeup.  I went home armed with my new treasures and practiced my look. I did this a couple of times in case I needed to tweak things. After two prom practice makeup sessions I was happy. When you hire a professional they normally do a practice session to make sure you’re both on the same page with what you want.


The Finishing Touches 

So at this point I had my dress ordered and my makeup down. The next thing for me to do was decide which hairstyle I wanted. After looking through countless hair magazines and searching updos online I gathered a few pictures and paid a visit to my hair salon to make sure my look was do-able. My stylist assured me she could definitely give me the hairstyle I wanted! I chose a loose side braid that was tucked into my looped low bun and left some wispy face framing pieces out.

All I had left to worry about was nails, shoes, and accessories! Again looking up pictures and stores that carried what I had in mind for all of the above was helpful so that I didn’t need to visit a ton of stores and waste precious time. Then I was off to shop some more! It really wasn’t too involved because I had done my homework. Last but not least, nails. Obviously this comes last, so just save a picture and book an appointment with your nail salon because prom season is a very busy one for them. That’s the hard stuff! Then you and your friends organize a place to gather and take pictures and when the big day arrives start early. Remain calm; you have accomplished 2 great things, graduating high school and preparing yourself for prom!

I hope this helps all you lovely ladies make prom season go a little easier. Now go enjoy prom and take wayyy tooo many pictures!  Xoxo, Ana.

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