Perfect Poolside Reads 2016

Speaking as a university student, it seems as if I no longer have much time or determination for reading when school is in session. Simply because every day is consumed with what seems to be endless pages in required readings for class, and any additional reading would feel like overkill. That’s why when summer rolls around I try to jam in as many amazing reads as I can in my free time! Here are some of my top picks for amazing summer reads, perfect for tanning, trips to the beach, or any lazy day spent in the sun! 


Just One Day

Just One Day – Gayle Forman 

Allyson is used to her very ordinary life, even her graduation trip to Europe was ordinary. Until she meets the charismatic, exciting Willem, who invites her on one of the greatest adventures of her life. What follows is the aftermath of Allyson’s day with Willem, and how it changes the way she sees herself and the world around her. Just One Day, has got to be one of my favourite young adult romance novels. It’s hard not to fall in love with both risk-taking Willem and the beautiful Paris, and to find the protagonist’s struggle with mediocrity and wanderlust relatable. A great read for anyone with a secret desire to see the world!




The Summer I Turned Pretty – Jenny HanThe Summer I Turned Pretty

Everybody reaches a point in life when one day everything seems to be so different. For protagonist Belly, it’s the summer of her sixteenth, when suddenly the two boys she’s known forever, seem to notice her as something more than just their family friend and childhood ally. Belly has always looked forward to the summers she spends with Conrad and Jeremiah, the sons of her mother’s best friend, especially since she has loved Conrad for as long as she could remember. But as adolescence creeps up on them, their dynamics change, and it is up to Belly to figure out how to cope with it all. A classic summertime read filled with all the tenderness, excitement, and awkwardness of growing up and finding love, The Summer I Turned Pretty is the kind of metamorphosis story we all go through at one point in life!



The Beginning of EverythingThe Beginning of Everything – Robyn Schneider 

Everyone is struck with personal tragedy. Or at least, that’s what Ezra Faulkner believes after his leg is shattered in a car accident along with his superstar image and his sports career. Ezra is left limping and lost, when he meets Cassidy Thorpe, and his perspective is irrevocably altered. Suddenly Ezra’s cheating ex-girlfriend, former jock friends, and short-lived tennis legacy begin to matter less and less, and Ezra finds a world filled with real friends and real possibility. But will Cassidy stick with him, or will she leave him behind like everyone else? Anyone who has read The Fault in Our Stars, Me Before You, or Eleanor and Park will fall in love with this book. In a world where catastrophe is inevitable, it’s how you handle it that really matters.




Beach Blondes

Beach Blondes – Katherine Applegate

What appears on the outside as a sort of fluff summer teen read reveals itself to be a great reflection of adolescence and it’s struggles. Summer is your average girl-next-door. Looking for change and a summer full of excitement, she decides to spend the summer in the sunny Florida Keys with her aunt and cousin. It’s here where she meets three dreamy boys, bad-boy Adam, the mysterious hippie Diver, and  golden boy Seth, that rock her idyllic vision of what her vacation should be like. But it’s not all beach and boys in this novel, with topics like mental health and family tragedy rocking the seemingly perfect life of these suntanned characters. This is the ultimate poolside read, who needs a vacation when Beach Blondes can transport you to the sunshine state?



Along For The Ride – Sarah Dessen Along For The Ride

Auden is the kind of girl who totally has her life together, except for the fact that ever since her parents divorced, she can’t sleep. She spends her days sleeping and her nights studying and reading, trying to bide her time until she goes away to college in the fall. It’s that summer when she decides to spend the summer with her dad in Colby, but Auden gets a lot more than she bargained for. A new stepmom, baby stepsister, job, and even a potential romance helps to wake her up, and get back to living. A story for anyone who believes in the life changing possibilities summer holds, and for any fan of chick lit, filled with love, friendship, family drama, and adventure.


What’s on your summer reading list? Please share in the comments below!

XOXO, Ana.

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