My First Year University Classes

Hey guys,

Whether you’re in high school or college or just entering either  I thought I would do a post on what classes I took this year (my first year of university) to give you an idea of what’s offered! Keep in mind that I’m in a tumblr_me18fruRNz1qhoazlo1_1280media program, so obviously my classes are going to be more on the social science and arts side of things. Still, first year is pretty general, and I’m lucky I got to experience such a variety of classes in order to figure what I did and didn’t have an interest in.


All throughout high school English was easily my best subject, which was why I really did consider that being an Rnglush major.Although  I chose media as my program instead, I would definitely say that English is my favourite course this year. The course analyze’s short stories, poetry, plays, and novels from all different time periods, and the things you learn to look for between the lines has made reading and writing  even more enriching!


Philosophy was probably the most difficult class I took this year, but oddly also the one I’ve done the best in so far. For some reason I thought that taking a university philosophy class would be enlightening, but it was mainly just confusing. The good thing about philosophy though is that philosophers and their theories cross into different subjects and disciplines, so having some philosophy knowledge can prove unexpectedly useful.


Sociology, the study of group behaviours and their effect on society, has been another favourite of mine this year. Everything we’ve learned so far has been super interesting and has actually felt useful. If you’re thinking of taking psych but aren’t a huge fan of science, or learning about parts of the brain, hormones, etc., then I definitely recommend sociology!

Creative Writing 

Creative writing has been a hobby of mine for years now, probably stemming from my love of English and all things literature. In my senior year of high school I took a creative writing class that I absolutely loved, which inspired me to take one at the university level. Let me tell you this though, there is something very difficult about having something you wrote creatively marked, especially if it doesn’t get the mark you thought it deserved. Writing is extremely subjective, which surprisingly made this one of my least favourite classes this year.

Computer Science 

Since I just started this class  I don’t really have enough to go off of in terms of a review. What I can say is that since the computer science course I’m taking is more about graphics, video editing, and website design versus say programming and coding, this class feels super helpful, especially being a media major. I’m excited to see what’s in store for the rest of the semester!


This is the one class required for my major, so it’s no surprise that I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with it. On one hand, I love looking at media from a technological, cultural, and economic standpoint because it’s relevant and interesting. But on the other hand, media can sometimes feel too theoretical and dare I say it depressing, then hands-on and fun. Either way I still feel like media is the best program for me, so I guess we’ll see!

Hope some of you found this helpful!

Xoxo, Ana. 

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