Decorate Your Space

Looking to add some flair to your space? Whether you’re bored of your bedroom decor, looking to liven up your dull dorm room or make your college apartment look like you hired a decorator, then this article will definitely steer you in the right direction. Turn your space into a stylish one you’re proud to call home, and all your friends will most definitely adore! With some simple decorating tips and DIYS you can create your own personal oasis!

Decorate the walls!

  • Print out artsy pics, favourite quotes and patterns at different sizes and use double sided tape or complementing washi tape to affix to walls or use frames that match your decor and hang in a grouping to create a statement wall.

  • Hang a fun tapestry to add life to  your space.

  • Display your favourite pics in a fun shape like a heart or hang picture garlands or clip pics to a photo line.

  • Hang fun stuff like banners and tassel garlands over window frames or walls for a fun touch.

  • Use decals for some colour and design.

Add Accents!

  • Add some cute throw pillows to your bed, couch, or fav chair.

  • Brighten your space with fresh flowers, go for a bunch that’s all one flower type like daisies, roses or peonies, cut stems to the same length and hold together using a clear elastic for a sleek designer look (mason jars make great vases)
  • Incorporate some fun printed accent rugs next to your bed, under coffee tables and in hallways.
  • Place groupings of small potted plants on your dresser or side tables, small cactuses and succulents in small terra cotta or ceramic pots work well.

  • Use pretty scented candles on side tables for decoration and fragrance.


  • Use different sized jars on your desk to hold pencils, paperclips, etc.

  • Use ceramic jewellery dishes for your small jewellery and wall hanging jewellery holders for the larger stuff.

  • Use decorative and over the door hook racks in the bathroom, bedrooms and entrances to neatly and discreetly hang towels, coats and purses

  • Use clear drawers, tumblers and mason jars for  organizing makeup and easily finding what you need

  • Store papers, cards and other small stuff in chic photo boxes displayed on a shelf (double duty=decor+storage)

  • in the bathroom store as much as possible in drawers and leave out essentials like hand soap and towel, store extra towels (rolled up) and extra toilet paper rolls in a nice wicker or wire basket on a shelf or the floor.

Hope these tips help give your space a mini makeover!

XOXO, Ana.

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