A Guide to the College/ University Party Scene

Hey guys,

Party Scene As my freshman year of university comes to a close, I’ve come to realize one very interesting fact: I have had my fair share of crazy college party experiences. When I was in my senior year of high school, I really had no clue what to expect when it came to the social scene at my respective university, but I quickly came to learn the work hard, play hard motto of my school. Disclaimer: I do go to a self proclaimed “party school”, so this guide may not work for every university and college, but it is a good indication as to what to expect.

  1. Residence Parties ☆☆

This is the most common type of party for first year students. The quality of these parties really depends on what rez you’re in and the style of the rez. I did not live in my school’s “party rez”, although I did attend a few parties there and always had an amazing time. My own rez did have some parties, but they were pretty hit and miss in their quality. Partying in rez is a right of passage for all, but trust me when I say you probably won’t miss it. 

   2. University Events ☆☆☆

My university is well known for their welcome week, which is basically the first week of university for first year students where a ton of events are put on, including rallies, carnivals, raves, and concerts. My welcome week was a ton of fun, and I recommend at least previewing every event possible. Throughout the rest of the year there were a few social events for each respective residence and faculty, which I wasn’t too impressed with personally, but was still a fun opportunity to get dressed up with all of my friends. #doitfortheinsta

   3. Fraternity Parties ☆☆☆☆

Oh frat parties, so stereotypically university. At my school, although the Greek scene isn’t everything, it still is a pretty big deal. Like rez parties, the quality of the frat party really depends on what frat is holding the party. Some are definitely better than others in their party hosting abilities. Nevertheless, I’ve never not had a good time at a frat party, although they tend to be super sweaty, kind of messy, and a bit of a cesspool for hookups. Definitely not for everyone.

  4. Keggers and House Parties ☆☆☆☆

As a freshman, pretty much all of my friends lived in rez, so getting invited to keggers and house parties didn’t really happen too often, but when it did, I relished the moment. There’s nothing like a good old kegger or house party to remind you of your high school glory days, and they’re a fun change of pace from packed, overcrowded frat or rez parties.

  5. Bars and Nightclubs ☆☆☆

Bars and nightclubs are a huge part of the university party scene, but really only if you’re legal! I’ve been to most of the bars and clubs in my university town, and although I have had some really good nights, I’ve also had some really awful ones too. I recommend only frequenting each bar and nightclub occasionally, to prevent shelling out tons of money in drinks and cover, and to keep the bar scene from getting old.

As you can see each kind of party has it’s pros and cons, but don’t be afraid to try them all. Have fun partying!

Xoxo, Ana.

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