6 Positive Tips to Conquer the New Year!

We are all aware of the fact that 2016 was a crazy year for the most part, it was just a year filled with iconic bullshit which we were unfortunately not able to control. But, we can make 2017 a better year with some tips for self improvement which everyone can definitely use. 

So to kick your ass into gear this New Year we’re giving you some useful suggestions to start and hopefully end 2017 the right way! All you have to do is bring determination and motivation!

Be positive girls

Love yourself first and foremost and stop hating on yourself and other girls. Embrace all of yourself for the good and the not so good. None of us are perfect! Focus on bettering yourself and maybe you’ll teach others a thing or two about life! There is so much negativity in the world as is and we need as much positivity in life as possible. Girls hating on girls is just downright bitchy, we need to embrace our fellow females for who they are and remember that no one is perfect including ourselves and everyone has a story, some put it out there for everyone to hear and some keep it inside for their own reasons, regardless women need all the support they can get. We all don’t need to be BFFs but we should most definitely respect and support each other whenever humanly possible!

Healthy body 

Eat clean and be active. Most of us start with the classic healthy shit we all vow to uphold each new year but ditch 2nd week in. Eat colourful food aka healthy stuff like veggies, fish and whole grains instead of dull, brown coloured foods like fried junk and sweets. You’ll give your body the nutrients it needs to feel and look it’s best! Most importantly, be active, whether it be working out regularly, running every day, yoga or any regular physical activity like a sport or dance. Regular physical activity is super important to live a healthy lifestyle, it keeps your heart healthy and body toned! 

Good Relationships

A healthy mindset is a very important key to happiness. Make and keep good relationships that benefit your life. A good relationship is one that benefits both involved, whether it be friends or a romantic relationship. All parties should put in equal effort and respect and appreciate each other. One shouldn’t overpower or dominate the other. If the relationship makes you happy majority of the time (don’t expect perfection) then it probably is a good one. You should never feel sad, demeaned or lesser than the other person. Remember to love yourself first and foremost which makes sustaining a healthy relationship easier because you have the confidence to know that you deserve the best and never to settle for anything less!

Tune Into Real Life

We are all terribly addicted to all things social media. Try limiting yourself to checking in on what others are up to unless you already maintain a healthy balance and are not obsessed with other people’s lives more than your own! You should come first, not what others are eating, doing or who they’re hanging out with. Don’t let IT consume every waking moment of every day (you know who you are)! You can still stay connected while not being obsessive. You will wake up and see that life has more to offer than constantly checking in on everyone 24-7. Those who came before us managed to survive, we can too!

Do more of what makes you happy

Life is stressful, and can seriously bring you down. Take the time to do more of what you enjoy, which in turn balances out the less desirable things we have to deal with everyday. If it means going for dinner once a week with your girls, indulging in mini shopping sprees every so often, taking mini vacays or dedicating one day a week to your special someone or just your special self, just do it! When you have something to look forward to it helps make the shitty things in life more bearable!

Let it go

Learn to forgive and forget. Whether it be your highschool friend who you haven’t talked to in years over something stupid or an ex who hurt you, be the bigger person and move on if the relationship is one that meant something to you at one point. We all make mistakes and some people deserve second chances. It takes a strong person to say they’re sorry and an even stronger person to forgive!

If you start the new year right and make an effort to hold on then hopefully 2017 will be your year! These 6 pretty basic, yet solid resolutions are some good ones to help you jump into the new year on a healthy, positive foot! Good luck 🍀


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