10 Cute, Quick, and Easy Halloween Costumes

Halloween is on its way! But with midterm season in full swing most of us don’t have the time or effort to dedicate to planning a costume or two or three! On top of that, the price of a costume can definitely be rough on a college girls budget! Don’t despair my Halloween loving friends, costumes can be cute, creative and cost friendly!

I’ve got some great ideas that require you to only buy a few inexpensive items to complete each look. These super cute costumes will have you looking super hot for Halloween without spending too much time or money!
Happy Halloween ladies!

Classic Vampire 

I know it’s been done a million times but vampire is a true classic that looks amazing when done well. All that’s needed is a little black dress and a few details! A black choker, jewelry with dark stones, black stockings, a dark smokey eye, deep red lips and nails.

Pink Princess

College girls can most definitely pull of princess too! For this pretty in pink princess you will need pink, pink and more pink! A pink or white dress is first up, then add a pink boa, tiara, pink pearl necklace and bracelets, pink nails and makeup in pinky hues and voila you’re a pretty princess for the night!

Hippy Chick

Pulling off this peace-loving costume is an easy one! Fringed denim shorts and a flowy off the shoulder top or flowy boho style dress first, next, part your hair down the middle, wear a headband over the forehead, some long necklaces, a pair of booties and a few small daisies or peace sign on the cheek to finish the look.


Ahoy ladies! Pretty much any black top and shorts will work for this look. Next, its all about the details! A pirate hat or dark coloured bandana, gold and black bangles, a chunky black belt, fishnet stockings, knee high boots, black nails and heavily lined eyes.


To become a pretty ballerina, put on a black bodysuit, hair into a high bun and add a tiara, a pink tutu, rhinestone earrings and necklace, pink nails, soft pink blush and lipstick, black heels and enjoy dancing the night away ballerina girl!


Step into the roaring 20’s with this beautiful costume. Start with a little black dress, if you’re down to splurge buy a fringed flapper dress. Then accessorize! A flapper headpiece and matching boa, a couple of strands of pearls, rhinestone bracelets and earrings and lastly, traditional flapper makeup, heavily lined eyes, intense blush and dark red lips.

Snow Fairy

This snow fairy will definitely be looking hot this Halloween! To become this beauty you will need lots of snowy white! A white dress or bodysuit and accessories galore! White fairy wings, tutu, stockings, rhinestone tiara and shimmery makeup with a touch of glitter and you’ll be the prettiest fairy in the land!

Audrey Hepburn

This classy look is super simple! To become Audrey Hepburn’s character in the classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s, put on any little black dress and simply add, black gloves, a tiny tiara tucked into a high bun, pearl necklace and earrings, black heels and a cigarette holder and you’ve instantly become a classic!

Hawaiian Girl

Aloha! Transform into a tropical beauty in no time. All that’s needed is a pair of shorts and a bikini top, then add, a grass skirt, a couple of leis and for makeup be sure to use bronzer and a pretty bright pink lip.

Greek Goddess

Go Greek this Halloween! To bring out your inner goddess a white dress is what you need to start, and plenty of gold accessories to complete the look. A gold headband, choker, bracelets, gold rope belt and gold highlighter with a bronze lip. Shine golden goddess, shine!

Which costume is your favourite?
Xoxo, Ana

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